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Do Away with the Human Rights Act

Comment 3rd July 2010

Repeal the Human Rights Act

Why does this matter?

Yesterday our local school cancelled Sports Day because the ground was "too slippy" – after a week with virtually no rain. This was merely one of the countless acts of idiocy brought about by the fear of being sued. And this fear derives from the Human Rights Act, which deems that all of us have equal human rights. Well, our consitution together with Common Law does this much better: our constitution says that we are free to go anywhere we like, do anything we like, and say anything we like – so long as it's not against the law. Common Law was once well-understood by everyone (in its essence if not in all the legal niceties). Unfortunately, the Human Rights Act (perhaps with some other recent Acts) has now made it impossible for the average person to know what the law says. This is why, these days, one hears people ask if something or other is "legal". This question was once meaningless for free Britons. The only question people used to ask was if such-and-such was illegal. And the answer was usually known easily to all.

We need to ourselves free from the Health and Safety tyranny. Repealing the Human Rights Act must certainly be part of regaining such freedom.

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