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Do not legalise cannabis

Comment 4th February 2016


There are over one hundred threads requesting that prohibition of cannabis be lifted in one form or another. Many reasoned, cited arguments have been given for this. When people who oppose the arguments of the threads post they have been posting mainly inane comments. I have put up this thread so that those who oppose legalisation of cannabis  can have their own thread to make reasoned, cited arguments as to why the laws prohibiting cannabis should not be repealed. My hope is that people will engage with the issues and take on the arguments in a reasoned, intelligent manner, so that those of us who are pro cannabis legalisation can find out exactly what the argument of those against is….


To get a full understanding of the issues surrounding cannabis prohibition, please see threads with the most comments, and if you really want to engage, then watch this film: 

Why does this matter?


Below is a summary of arguments for repeal of laws which prohibit cannabis:


Revenue raising – At present, as stated in a discussion in the House of Lord’s, it costs britain £19 billion pounds per year in loss of revenue and prohibition costs. This money could be better spent off setting some of the massive cuts that this country is facing.


Crime – The main crimes associated with cannabis are caused by prohibition. Users, unlike heroin addicts do not tend to fund their use via crime. (see home office link below) Funds from the illegal sale of cannabis fund other crimes, including gun crimes. If cannabis was not illegal, these funds would not be available to drug gangs, and the 3 million or so users would no longer be criminalised, freeing up police, court time and prison space.




Health – There is a lot of mis-information about the health draw backs of cannabis causing cancer, schizophrenia and depression. There is now growing evidence that in fact it is the opposite, that the CBD in cannabis is a schizophrenia inhibitor, and that it also has potentially cancer curing properties. There are many users who attest to its use in relieving the symptoms of MS, arthritis as well as many other illnesses. This is so much that case that the pharmaceutical industry has now produced a cannabis based medicine called ‘sativex.’ A genuine health risk with cannabis use at the moment, however, is that in an unregulated market cannabis is often badly prepared and sprayed with glass and oil to add weight. A regulated market would stop this practice.


Gateway – Cannabis is only a gateway in that it is presently supplied by the same people that supply other harder drugs. If the supply of cannabis was taken away from the suppliers of ‘harder’ drugs, this link would be broken. The experience of relaxation of prohibition laws in Portugal have shown that it leads to a fall in over all drug use, and a significant fall in use of harder drugs.


Civil Rights issues – That given the increasing evidence that cannabis is not only harmless but possibly beneficial to health, the prohibition on its use is an infringement of the civil rights of users to choose to take cannabis for recreational, medicinal or spiritual purposes.


Protection of minors – At present, as one comment on a thread put it, the minimum age for purchase of cannabis is £10. Regulation of the market would bring control of its distribution to society, where age restrictions could be more easily enforced. There is never a belief that that would stop all smoking of cannabis in children, but that it would restrict their access greatly. 


Cannabis benefits – As well as the health benefits that are now being studied, and the user testimony of its relieving properties for various conditions, users also report that amongst other benefits using cannabis; helps them to relax, does not lead to the violence associated with alcohol (which turns our city centers into no go areas for many people over weekends), and gives access to increased levels of creativity (a claim that is borne out by the users of cannabis who are well known ‘creatives’ an example being the Beatles.) 


If you are anti legalisation of cannabis, assuming the moderators do not close this thread, this is your opportunity to give your reasoned well argued comments on why cannabis should not be legalised. I would request that those who believe cannabis should be legalised would restrict their comments on this to answering the specific arguments put forward by those who believe cannabis should remain illegal. To put your own comments on why cannabis laws should be repealed, please use one of the manifold threads calling for this. 


I hope that this thread will allow both sides of the argument to really find out why some people are against cannabis legalisation. I ask you again, if you are going to post on this thread, please take some time to engage with the arguments, rather than just posting that you agree that cannabis should remain illegal because cannabis users are a “bunch of pot heads who should be ashamed of themselves.” (That was a real argument on one of the threads!) Thank you.

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