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Do not switch off FM and force people to use the inferior DAB service

1 Comment 18th May 2015

The country is in a financial mess, which the people will have to pay for over many years. We all know this, and must accept it. It is unreasonable to force the ordinary people of this country, who are already having to pay for government mis-management, to spend money replacing perfectly good radios, when the only benefactors would be a few importers, and several far east manufacturers.

The choice MUST be left to the people, and market forces MUST be the deciding factor. If digital radio is the way forward, let the technology prove itself, and market forces sort it out, in a similar way to video or dvd recorders. It is getting harder to buy video players, as market forces and superior technology make dvd players/recorders more popular. Soor, VHS will die the death, but it will be by market forces, NOT government direction. 

Why does this matter?

It goes against the fundamental principals of democracy, for the government to make a decision, favouring certain manufacturers, to the detriment of the working people.

We MUST be allowed the freedom of choice on which our whole society is based, on a matter which is not of national security or law. Anything else should be as unacceptable to the current government as it is to me.

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One Response to Do not switch off FM and force people to use the inferior DAB service

  1. Matt Cameron says:

    Well said!

    DAB is expensive, inferior quality and very power-hungry when played on portable units.

    If people genuinely WANT to have DAB then fine, but the bias by the government and the BBC to push this format for their own adgenda is NOT WELCOME!!

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