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Do we need our “Armed Forces” to be so “High Tech” ??

Comment 11th July 2010

My youngest daughter is currently serving in Afghanistan as a Staff Sergeant with the "Royal Engineers". She is often in a "Front Line" situation yet the kit she is supplied with is usually next to useless. Finding a land mine often comes down to how I used to have to do it by poking in the ground with a bayonet or rod.

Our latest Destroyers ( Type 45's ) cost around £1 billion each, so we can only afford 6 of them. Similarly with our supposedly state of the Art "Typhoon", the latest RAF aircraft. We have the "Astute" class "Hunter Killer" submarine and the massively expensive "Vanguard" class carrying our nuclear deterrent.

Do we need this expensive kit ??. All of it was designed, and our forces postured, to fight an "Armageddon" style conflict against the now defunct "Soviet Russians" back in the 60's and 70's. They, it seems, are no longer interested in military world domination, so who is our enemy ?? – apart from the Taliban and its followers. Their "High Tech" kit usually consists of a Honda step through motor cycle if they are lucky .

I would suggest that huge saving could be made, and a more efficient Navy, RAF, and Army, would result, if only we could get away from the need for "Trident"and all that goes with it.

Nuclear warheads, if ever they are needed, GOD forbid, can be fitted to Tomahawk and other cruise missiles. These can be launched from a variety of vessels and even air launched by aircraft.

A single Type 45 Destroyer could be replaced by several smaller "Corvette" or even "Fishery Patrol" type ships, all can carry missiles and an assortment of medium calibre weapons, along with landing and boarding parties. Surely much better value for money ??

The "Typhoon" will never come into combat with a "Sukhoi 37", so perhaps a few more "BaE Hawk's" could be purchased in its place, or maybe even some helicopters that can actually do the job that is needed.

We are spending vast amounts, and losing too many precious young lives, in Afghanistan for this to continue. 

The enemy is here amongst us, we need to spend more on "Intelligence" and "Good" Policing. We need to do what we have always been good at – fighting the real enemy – and not follow the American "High Tech" path any longer. 


Why does this matter?

Too many of my friends have lost their sons fighting in an un-winnable "Politician" inspired war. They don't need all this "High Tech" kit, just kit that actually works and plenty of it.

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