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Do we REALLY have Freedom of Choice?

Comment 16th August 2010


Freedom of choice in this country is often a smokescreen for reality. Try implementing your so called freedom of choice and see where it gets you!

You can opt out of your medical records being held by worldwide servers on a national database but you will be told by the petty beaurocrats at the bottom of the chain that if you opt out you will no longer receive their services.

You can choose your internet service provider..but they ALL sublet from British Telecom.

I could give scores more examples…but my summation would be that the only way you really would have freedom of choice in this country today would be to go and live in a cave. (actually no, you'd probably fall foul of Health and Safety and goodness you wouldn't want to do that..they are the people who told my fishmonger he couldn't cut the heads off his fish because of the safety risk in using knives in public places)

Maybe my thread shoukld be entitled Where Is All this Madness Going to End?..all I can say is that I don't feel I have much REAL freedom of choice in anything very much except perhaps to choose what I watch on TV … dawng'd! ..stumped again!…(think about it!!!)

Why does this matter?

Because like so much else in the rotten core of our society freedom of choice is just a paraphrase used to smokecreen reality

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