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Comment 5th July 2010

It is not the breed should be known as danger to public, it's where & how the dog has been brought up. Every dog has its potentials and character but mainly their behaviour should be controled.  There are many reasons for a dog to bite a person in public, but the main ones are: the owner beating the dog, the dog is not trained to socialise in public enough or training was not acomplished, the dog is tied up in the house or even in dark alone for long hours, the person who walks the dog can't control it, and many more.

Why does this matter?

Dogs are naturally normal sociable animals, and any breed can be a danger to public if not trained, exercised or treated correctly. So it's the owner's irresposible behaviour to cause this anger in the dog. In my idea, every dog owner should be visited by a qualified canine psychologist and an authorised personel from government to assess the situations & premises.

At the vets they should all have their dogs microchipped and necessary training and exercises followed correctly professional adviser.

Don't kill the breed, kill the bad people who breed and sell them to wrong people who abuse these beautiful species who have been man's best friend for more than 14000 years.

Kind regards

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