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Double taxation on alcohol and cigarettes

Comment 3rd July 2010

I believe that a large proportion of the NHS budget is spent on keeping people with cigarette and alcohol-related illnesses or accidents alive.

I think the increase in taxation on these items should not be a small increase of less than 5%.  I think we should possibly double the tax on all types of cigarettes and alcohol. 

I am not a smoker but a keen drinker!    If a pint of beer was £5 as opposed to £2.50 then I would seriously watch my alcohol intake, and I think many other people would do too.

Why does this matter?


I think a increase in taxation on booze and cigarettes will help fund the NHS, help the government pay off the deficit, and discourage people from drinking and smoking – so again in turn helping the NHS thanks to a fewer number of self-inflicted cigarette and alcohol-related illnesses and injuries.

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