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Drink Driving Laws

Comment 7th July 2010

I have heard the this government is considering lowing the current limit, I feel this would be counter productive.  The Law is suffieciant as it is and would yet again change our social system where people can socialise together.  The people who drink too much and drive will carry on doing so regardless of the Law (usually the younger people) as they always haveand always will so why penalise sensible people.

Why does this matter?

We have for 13 years of Labour government be bombarded with one Law after an other (Some 3,750)!!!!! Leave the population aloan get get on with their lives.  I live abroad quite a lot and it

is so refreshing how easier life is abroad without constant harisment of petty laws.  We have suffered for too many years of Politicians making more and more Laws that the population do but want or asked for! Thankfully and are the first government do do this well done.!

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