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Drivers 48 hour rule

Comment 1st July 2010

To make drivers hours easier and simple to follow keep the hours 48 hours a week no more. The way hours are calculated is over a 26 week period with working time driving time and periods of availability  you can still be at work 60 hours + a week and transport companies are finding a way round this to work you harder  , no other working enviroment  has to do a 48 hour week this way so why h.g.v transport.

Why does this matter?

The idea to make the hours 48 hours will reduce presure  and stress on drivers, the current 48 hour rule is worse than the driving laws 10 years ago employers are abusing this working time directive and the pressure has doubled on the driver if we simply cut the hours to 48 hour week  this would lift the stress off the driver and possibly improve home and family life

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