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Drivers Certificate of Professional Competence and WTD.

Comment 3rd July 2010

Repeal the [European] law that states that drivers of commercial vehicles should be in possession of a Certificate of Professional Competence (DCPC), and the Drivers Working Time Directive.


These laws are both nonsense. Driving laws dictate that to drive a commercial vehicle extra training and testing must be undertaken. This testing proves that the driver is capable of driving a larger vehicle safely on our roads. The DCPC adds yet another level of bureaucracy to the most heavily regulated industry in the country. For specific types of loads the onus should be on the employer to ensure that his employees are sufficiently trained to do the job, with proper penalties in place if they fail.


As it stands the requirement to gain the DCPC is usually on the driver which on top of the cost of obtaining his licence and the cost of regular medicals adds up to yet another tax to do his job. The fact that the DCPC has an 'attendance only' requirement with no pass or fail mark, suggests that it is only a money making scheme for training companies.


The WTD for drivers is another example of bureaucracy for bureaucracy's sake. The current tachograph laws have worked for years to control the amount of time drivers can both drive and work and how often they should take breaks.


Both these laws are ridiculous in the extreme and do nothing to improve road safety or the working conditions of professional drivers.

Why does this matter?

Commercial drivers are among the most regulated workers in the country. Extra laws like the above do nothing to improve the haulage industry and everything to drive good drivers away.


Repeal both laws now.

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