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Driving licence at 70

1 Comment 7th August 2010

What is the purpose of  reapplying for a driving licence at age 70?  It is just another useless form.  No doctor's or opticians reports are asked for which might make it meaningful.  It is just a list of questions to which the answers given cannot be verified.  It is conpletely pointless and should be discontinued as a waste of money and resouces.

Why does this matter?

It is bureaucratic and pointless.

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One Response to Driving licence at 70

  1. Malcolm Palmer says:

    Having to pay £96.00 , to my doctor for a medical examination for a C1 licence is far to exspensive,
    just because my motorhome weight is 3750,when
    I renewed my licence at 70,I had been driving my
    moterhome for 8 years,had all groups, when it came back,I had only B,B1,the right to drive the motor-
    home taken off me,I have been to France,Spain,in it,
    no problems,or accidents,yet someone,not a court,
    has the right to take my right to holiday in it at the
    age of 70 away, unless I pay more money,and never
    even told me.what a take on,NHS doctors are payed
    enough,Dick Turpin wore a mask,some doctors should start wea

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