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Driving license renewal

Comment 5th July 2010

After being asked to renew my license at a cost of £20 pounds, I can't help but think that you could and should use this as the new ID and Passport.

I for one am sick of having to carry so many bits of information with me to prove who i'am!.

And i can't help but think the only people who can object to DNA profiling is criminals themsefts. I should know this as i was at one time a criminal i would have hated the idea of my DNA anywhere.

Why does this matter?

Its is important for the police and for Modern day life.

Police would find it easier if they found a body and had to use DNA.

Ambulance/hospitals would have all they need to find your medical records.

Criminals dole cheats would never be able to defraud. and the bonus would be..they could use your card to make sure your looking for work as you would have to log on to their computers.

Illegal immigrants would be easier to find and to track as would be anyone on the run.

MOT and insurance could also be placed on your card easy for the police to check.

Underage drinking would be easier to stop as the police could check the use of the card to prove where they bough the alcohol.

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