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Drop all support for convicted murderess Linda Carty

2 Comments 15th March 2013

The British Government should not spend another penny on the case of convicted murderess Linda Carty. It has to date provided an amicus brief and made representations to the US Goverment re her case.

Carty's claim to British citizenship is technical at best, and in any case the British Government has no right to interfere in the legal process of another country, certainly not one whose laws are broadly similar to our own.

Why does this matter?

This woman has been proven guilty of a dreadful crime on overwhelming evidence. Her case is being touted as a miscarriage of justice by the Reprieve organisation on the basis of easily provable lies. See

British taxpayers money is being wasted on this case, which is no business of ours.

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2 Responses to Drop all support for convicted murderess Linda Carty

  1. Texans respect the victims and their families first says:

    I agree with you. Why should Carty’s sentence be comuted to life in prison, in a British jail, when she commited first degree murder on foreign soil.
    That’s like her saying, oh yeah, she’s British, but she can feel free to go to Texas and commit first degree murder there, and,at the same time, expect not to bear the blow of the full arm of the law there.

    Does Carty hold dual American/British citizenship? No matter. She took it upon herself to commit the ultimate heinous crime in Texas. Does she expect the Texans to say feel free to come into our state and commit murder, we won’t do anything about it because you’re British.
    It definitely looks that way, and no wonder she’s crazy.
    If a Texan with a death wish, were to go to Britain for the sole purpose to be tried and executed there for first degree murder, I’d say to them, don’t bother. You’ll get Life.
    But Texas is Texas. The biggest mistake Carty made was to expect the whole world to revolve around one ideal, one theory.
    How primitive!

  2. Texans respect the victims and their families first says:

    I expect the Texans will be the first to admit, that the death penalty is monstrous.
    However, there is no easy solution here.
    The Texans are sweet and extremely warm and hospitable people, but they won’t take any nonsense from anyone. They call a spade a spade. They put the lives of their families and the lives of others first, above anything else in the world.
    They are profoundly religious people, who bless the sanctity and the gift of life.
    They think that murder is blasphemous, and must be punished in this life at least.
    Those who take it upon themselves,to rob another human being of God’s most precious gift of life,cannot expect to continue enjoying the life they denied their victim.
    The Texans are good enough, to imagine themselves in the victim’s family’s place. The deep, gnawing pain of loss they must endure for a lifetime.A lifetime of continuous suffering, that never abates.
    The Texans are good enough to concider the thoughts and feelings of the victim’s families, and their hunger, not for revenge, but for closure.
    Those who oppose the death penalty,mostly don’t know what it feels like to have a loved one murdered. Neither do most Texans, but at least they do everything in their sweet power, to at least try and put things right, even if they can’t. I salute them!

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