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DVLA and Data protection

Comment 2nd July 2010

The selling of personal details to commercial organisations is morally wrong and despite rulings to the contrary should be a breach of the data protection act. These  details should only be released to the police or local authorities for the detection or prevention of crime.

Why does this matter?

Car owners are required by law to provide these details to the DVLA, the government should be protecting this data and not selling it to anyone, with the money and can produce some spurious reason to need it. This data is sold to organisation for commercial gain and quite often criminal gangs. No government with any integrity would allow this to happen. If any vetted outside bodies have a valid reason for needing a drivers details they should be required to convince the police that they have a genuine case.  They would have to pay for this service of course but obtaining information under false pretences would be a criminal offence.

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