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E-voting for all

Comment 23rd July 2010

Why do we need so many politicians to vote on important decisions in the modern world?  200 years ago, 100 yeares ago, 50 years ago yes you could justify the 650 odd MPs but no longer.  Reduce this to say 101 MP's who can debate the arguments and then let the people decide.

I want to vote myself on the important decisions as my local MP (like yours) votes against my wishes time and again. MP's are happy to take your vote, promise you the earth and never deliver… enough is enough.

Why can the public not be allowed to vote via the internet instead of MPs? The system would be simple (proper security checks and vetting in place etc), and this would be real democracy in action.   It would also save Millions by reducing the number of MP's required.

Why does this matter?

Politicians do not represent the majority of the people, they represent the political class. They make promises they never keep and they are only ever held accountable at election time when most people have forgotton what  they didn't deliver.  

E-voting allows the public to vote on the issues that matter quickly and effectively. It is a true democratic system.

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