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Education, For Who?

Comment 4th July 2010

Who is the education aimed at ? Parent , child, society or business.

We seem to have lost the  plot in the so called education racket, it should be aimed at all four,

For the Parent we should educate to have respect for the childs elders and property.

The child needs to learn to be play with a dutifull purpose, learn knowledge of life and self respect.

The child needs to have respect from society and their expectations are not forced onto them to early.

The scholar needs to learn enough to enable them to work in a puposeful way to satisfy themselves a,family, and society.

Business needs to povide real training in the workplace and provide real information to educationlists on their expectation from the young adults.

In essence "RESPECT " for all things family and society ,in terms of goods and services bought or borrowed from both sides of the  childs education. Also to learn how to live and look after oneself and family in all respects , from sexual health ,finances, relationships, and the many areas we have to learn ,usually the hard way ,the facts of life.

Why does this matter?

Giving the child an education free from worry but at the same time teach the expectations that society will place on them in the future.

Do we need to drag out the education in poorer establishments over a long time when more intense training could be given ?

Why cant the education establishment have respect for the child and give the exam results instantly as in some european countries so the pupil can resit without wasting a year , and  also resect that the scholar may have a bad year and can repeat a year without predudice.

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