Elections – returning officers should not receive a bonus for this activity

Many returning officers are chief executives of local councils. How can it be right that these people be paid a fat bonus on top of their already generous salaries?

For example, one gathers from press reports that: the returning officers for Liverpool, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Islington, MIlton Keynes, Lewisham and Runnymede received an average of £12,000 on top of their six figure salaries The returning officer for Liverpool received £14,000 on top of his £217,000 salary; Lewisham's received around £14,000, Newcastle's £9,880, Runnymede's £6,000 and Manchester's £19,000. These people are already paid significant salaries – most of them at least £50,000 a year more than the Prime Minister.

Why does this idea matter?

To demonstrate to the citizenry that "money for nothing" (or very little) will no longer be spent and that this wasteage in local councils' spending is at an end.

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