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Electoral Reform – No Parties

Comment 5th July 2010

Do away with the Party System. Divide the population up into appropriately sized groups (say for example somewhere between 50 and 100) of people who live "adjacent" to one another and who consequently "know" one another. Each group elects a candidate, based on their personal knowledge of that candidate. Elected candidates from the same general areas (again say 50 or a 100) meet in a suitable forum, "get to know" one another, and elect from amongst their number a candidate to represent them at the next level. Repeat until you you have the desired number of representatives to form a government. If you do the arithmetic, it works.

Why does this matter?

It does away with partisan parties and allows the electorate to elect people that they really know (At the local levels at least). It also provides an easily identifiable route through government from your local representative to the top with only a few steps in between. Obviously, such a system would take a while to "bed in", but once established might well prove to be superior to the current system of minority governments.

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