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Electronic CRB checks

Comment 5th July 2010

I know many instances of professionals taking months to receive their CRB check due to delays(often with the police). There are times that this has seriously jeopardised their proposed employment plans. A number of friend of mine have been involved in anti war and animsl welfare demonstrations nationwide. When they apply for new jobs ( they work as doctors , teachers and social workers) their CRB check takes about 6 months to come through. As a social worker I also know people who have the odd historic convictioon (nothing which would pose a risk to others and are almost unemployable now due to the length of time their CRB search takes. Every time they apply for a new job their crb is passed round every police in the country. When they chase up the crb witheach  police force directly they are given comments such as " I am really sorry but we have got 15000 to get through so I dont know when it wil be done". Please, please please if you want to maximize the work force then cut the bearocracy and stop putting blocks in the way of the people who want to work!

Why does this matter?

With the need to maximize the workforce of this country then we need to stop putting obstacles in the way of those who actually want to work.  It is also important that these checks are completed speedily to allow people freedom of choice.

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