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Eliminate limits on Sunday trading hours

Comment 19th July 2010

As a capitalist country there should not be limits on retail trading hours, trading hours should be governed by demand not government!  Restricting retail hours on Sundays is against capitalism.  As Christians we complain how other governments have laws based on their religious beliefs when it comes to business yet we do the same. 

Why does this matter?

Remove the Trading Standard’s restrictions on retail stores to a very limited number of hours on Sundays.  This will be a big win for the unemployment as those Christians that do not want to work on Sundays will not need to because there are lots of non-religious and members of other faiths that are willing to work Sundays.  Retail stores will win as they will no longer have to pay extreme wage rates saving cost for customers.  Customers win with the more availability of shopping hours.  As a night manager of a Tesco Extra I have turned away many customers at very early hours on Sunday and Monday morning and late hours of Saturday and Sunday nights.  This will be an all win move!

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