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Employment Law – jumping through hoops to sack staff

Comment 12th July 2010

The Employment Laws should be altered so that it is easier to dismiss staff who flout the rules.  I work in admin in a residential home and we have staff who miss their shifts, cannot be contacted and we have to write 3 letters to them before we can dismiss them. Contracts are heavily weighted against the employer and, even if an employee resigns (and we wish to accept that resignation), if they then list any grievances, we have to respond; otherwise they can take us to court later! Dismissing someone who obviously has no intention of turning up for work takes weeks – and in the meantime we are supposed to be spending time caring for adults with learning disabilities.  Common sense should prevail – the member of staff no longer wishes to work, the employer no longer wishes to employ them, so what's the problem?  In order to ensure that we adhere to all the rules, we employ a firm for our employment law and Health and Safety.  This is very expensive, as is having to hire agency staff when our workers fail to turn up for their shifts.

Why does this matter?

So much time is wasted writing letters, waiting for a response, waiting to see if the staff member will actually turn up for the suggested meeting, writing again if they do not, trying to reach them by phone etc.  The Management at the home are trying to care for 18 adults with learning disabilities but so much time is taken up with staffing issues, when it is clear that the only outcome will be the parting of the ways between employer and employee.  We wish to offer our residents the best possible service but so much time is taken up with other issues.

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