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Employment laws does not protect the employees.

Comment 1st July 2010

The current government should scrap out the current employment laws and replace them with clear acts which will bind employers . The current law does not protect workers in the private sector more especially those without contracts. The employment law is so ambiguous to an extent employers can use it to suppress the rights of employees. It is true employer have the right to protect their investments however that should not be at the expense of employees. the break times and working hours are not clearly set out in the employment law. This is a problem more common with the lowly paid as they usually do shifts.

Why does this matter?

It is very important in the sense that these are hard times , it gets so difficult each new day to get a job. Employers take advantage of these situations to abuse the employees. Hours are cut everyday without valid reasons , pays also getting reduced. Even advising agencies will tell individuals to make a wise decision with regard to grievances and the work place. I am not saying it should be made hard for employers to fire employees, but its should be made easy for employees to know their jobs are safe and their entitlements are not subject to the employers discretion. 

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