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Enclosure (Inclosure) Acts

Comment 22nd July 2010

All of them.

Over a couple of centuries,our ancestors were robbed of their birthright.

Separated from safe and secure land tenure,they became easy prey for rogue landlords and employers,the same advocates and beneficiaries of the Enclosure Acts.

The repercussions are still being felt in poverty and alienation in what is a wealthy country.

Why does this matter?

There is about an acre of  farmland for each adult in the country.

Give us our acre back….allow us to rent it out,or to use it for our own agricultural use,but forbid sale,to stop the Enclosure process re-starting and greedy landlords from rebuilding their monopoly.

Remember…this land was STOLEN from us,by power of  a parliament with a land-qualification (dominated by landlords) and enforced by force-of-arms against any who tried to re-assert their centuries-held rights of common.


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