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Encourage British Authors

Comment 6th August 2010

Encourage British authors by giving them a financial lifebelt. Make the first £5,000 they earn from book publication each year tax free. even if they already pay income tax. Incentives will help first time authors and encourage published authors to go full time.

Expand the number of libraries monitored for author reward schemes and increase the number of British authors – not books – who receive payments based on library lending to 1,000. Raise the maximum author payment to £5,000 per year. (This might seem like spending more public money, but it will be self funding due to wages and taxes of publishers, printers, tax on films, etc – tax from just JK Rowling film would help hundreds of fledling authors.)

by lessimon

Why does this matter?

Our bookshops are full of American books. Unless we do something we face cultural extinction. It is difficult to write a first or second novel while working full time, but having been published it can then be a major leap of faith to give up the day job, yet unless people do this they may never get to write really successful books.

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