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Comment 25th August 2010

so on the 26 of Jan 2009 Gordon browns government re graded cannabis to a class B drug to send out a message , the message went out and the criminal gangs flocked , they had heard there was big money to be made in the uk again under the unregulated sales of cannabis . most of the former ACMD members warned against this but were ignored , Allen johnson said " a line was  drawn , advisers  advise and politicians have the final say ", the coalition government are following the same anti science based approach of biased prohibition at stretched costs  with no justification of its destructive self serving use


for example on the 26 of Jan 2009 brown s government  ignored the science and evidence at the publics cost , from Jan 2009 UK cannabis production doubled , this can be seen in this link :


its an ACPO report that claims large scale cannabis production is a growing problem , its own scientific graph clearly shows  a spike in cannabis production from Jan 2009 to meet demand ,just what the former advisers warned against ,

this is more clear evidence that prohibition is counter productive at setting out to do what it claims it will , its implemented with the notion it will reduce all drug related harms but in fact it increases  all public harm and costs and like a paradox its  own created harms are used to justify and implement more of itself , more prohibition ,  good unbiased random controlled scientific evidence proves prohibition will never work in a democracy , we also have evidence of this from 1920 America


my idea is  to look for a scientific proven way to do everything prohibition claims it will do at reducing overall drug related crime and  harms  for a fraction of the cost and time while restoring public trust and respect without funding major crime nor making the poor  into criminals  through the temptation of easy money and the threat of rough living!

Why does this matter?



its important to realize when a once thought virtuous  circle becomes a vicious one , 


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