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End discrimination to childrem born to British mothers before 1983

Comment 18th July 2010

Before the British Nationality Act 1981 came into force on 1 JANUARY 1983, British mothers could not pass on their citizenship to their children born abroad. Nationality could be passed on only through the male line. And children born abroad to men who were British citizens by descent could became British if the birth was registered at the local British consulate, whereas the foreign-born chlidren of British women had no such right and so were not registered.The 2002 Act simple allowed the children of women who were British  to become British. But if the mother was British by descent only, the child birth  should had been registered. Last year ,Lord Avebury and others , campaigned on this issue, to remove the requirement of the birth registration, during the passage of the Borders, Citizenship and Immigration Bill 2009. The  Government did not accept it.. Now , however , the Government does not wish to assume that a mother would have taken the necessary action to enable her children to acquire British citizenship had she been able to pass on her citizenship status by descent. These leaves the children of women who were British by descent with no entitlement to British citizenship under the current provisions, thus perpetuating a degree of discrimination. The new Governmet should  end with  this discrimination, which gives rise to many anomalous and unfair situations in which certain categories of people cannot get British citizenship .

Why does this matter?

This idea is very important. It is to ensure that British Citizenship to those born to British mothers overseas before 1983, in not restricted so as to exclude those who would have needed to make an application for the birth registration. .It is a reasonable argument that had women been able to pass on their nationality to their children born overseas then they should have registered those children because that was a required step. Given that they could not pass on their nationality, there was not the same pressure to do so, there was no reason to do so. It is not fair to required now ,something that could not be done, because by law was not permited. There is not logic. It is unfair and discriminated against women.

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