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end driving licences at 80yrs of age

Comment 13th July 2010

when a driver reaches 80yrs of age, their driving licence should be cancelled with a annual medical between 70 to 80yrs and any sign of long term illness that impairs mental and or physical ability curtailing a driving licence with immediate effect

Why does this matter?

Working at a petrol station, I see a number of elderly drivers who are confused and a liability to themselves and others, with my own concerns about elderly driving being backed up by other drivers and especially driving instructors and despite news reports of aged drivers driving the wrong way on roads and getting confused on motorways.  There is already a decent public transport system with buses, taxis and trains to accommodate the elderly, my own father has Parkinsons Disease but after just filling in a form and without an Independent doctor's medical was allowed by the DVLA to carry on driving and despite my personally writing to the DVLA to request that they cancel his licence, due to his illness. In the end It took pressure by the family to convince my father to pack up driving  so let's end driving licences at 80yrs of age or earlier if an illness impairs ability to drive.

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