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End free furniture

Comment 16th July 2010

Please can we bring an end to the furniture schemes that are available for social housing tenants who are in receipt of housing benefit.  It appears to be the last disincentive towards working when you can get a house full of furniture paid for by an extension to your housing benefit.  There will be occasions when families are genuinely  in need e.g leaving furnished accommodation but these schemes are currently available as noted above. 

Why does this matter?

It is important because it was one of the last barriers, or disincentives towards making the move off benefit into work.  It seems that nobody in government can make the calucation that those in receipt of benefits are very able to make. That is –  its not only the money they receive but also the money they dont have to pay out, all calculated against what they would pay out if they got a job, deducted from the net wage.  If they dont even need to save up for furniture – do the maths.

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