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End multiculturalism

Comment 8th August 2010

Restore my right to live in the culture I was born in. 

Multiculturalism has caused no end of troubles. Whatever the rights and wrongs of immigration, allowing large alien cultures to develop in this country, particularly concentrated in certain geographical areas, has not been healthy, leading in the extreme to a jihadist culture.

Instead of condemning the newcomers to living in ghettoes populated by people with alien dress, alien food and alien mores such as forced marriage, isolating dress for women, and a code of 'honour' which simply means blood feuds let's offer our new visitors the chance to truly join the nation they so obviously admire.

We could begin by prohibiting schools from accepting more than an acceptable level of first generation immigrants.

Why does this matter?

The alternative is the breaking up of the society that the immigrants have come to join.

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