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End “positive discrimination”

Comment 4th July 2010

… an oxymoron, if ever there was one!    With thanks for this excellent piece of 2010's politics in action, I offer: 

You, sir, have the vast resources of the 'civil service' at you disposal. Please ask it/them to live up to their name/roles and comb all legislation for all regulations, case law and other legal instruments that discriminate again the silent majority of English people. By its/ governments'/their well meaning, but ill-advised and failed, attempts to engender our liberal values, we have 'thrown the baby out with the bathwater' – thus we are found guilty of ignoring our own unwritten constitution.

(My choice of phrase in this last paragraph is measured and deliberate – I'll explain: We need to stop stifling the English spirit by shackling creativity to the whipping post of 'political correctness'.    [   oxymoron, again, me thinks ;0)   ]    By removing this remnant of 20th-Century burnt out thinking, we stand some kind of chance of making what used to be called 'the unwritten rules of (English) gentlemanly conduct" a positive and relevant force for the achievement of our forward looking 20-20 vision.)

Let's face it, we (the planet) can no more afford to throw away 'the bathwater'. Let us hope we find ways of releasing the core competencies of this nation as both carer for 'the baby' and as a nation of savers of  'bathwater' to provide that same child with a true quality of life.

kind regards,


Why does this matter?

to release the competence of the English people as protagonists for diversity – the life blood of spaceship earth

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