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End public funding of the BBC

1 Comment 2nd July 2010

It is absurd for the public to fund a media organisation like the BBC that generates a constant stream of soft left wing propaganda. I don't want my money to be used to produce biased material I disagree with. The BBC should be funded by people who enjoy its message and who are willing to pay for it. I should not be threatened with jail for refusing to pay for a media organisation I disagree with.

The BBC propaganda machine has gone into overdrive recently and is certainly no friend of the new government. Cut the funding now while you still have a large portion of public goodwill and you can use the money to pay for a tax break. Leave the BBC intact and it will rise again even stronger with the next Labour government.

Why does this matter?

State broadcasting organisations tend to be found in totalitarian societies. The are not appropriate in a liberal democracy.

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One Response to End public funding of the BBC

  1. Alan Hirst says:

    It’s a fantastic idea, they may even start making watchable TV.

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