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Comment 19th July 2010

Recently in the N.Irish local newspaper I saw where a man, aged 25, who is on  benefits had been found guilty of drunken criminal damage to a vehiucle, to a value of  around £1500.

His punishment, was no jail sentence, no community service, and only had to pay £150.00 (or so) of the value of his criminal damage……………….WHY? BECAUSE HE WAS ON BENEFITS……….this was about 10% – who was supposed to pick up the tab of the other 90%. 

He did the criminal damage for no other reason, than he was drunk and felt he could!!!! The result again of a society with no consequences.

My idea is that I want peolpe who commit criminal damage, to pay in full, the total amount of the   value of the damage that they have done…………..I understand the argument of only having to pay back at a £1 a week due to being on benefits,but unless the punishment pays for the crime , then there is no deterrent.


Why does this matter?

My idea is important, because currently there seems to be no real consequenes for anti-social acts of random criminal damage, which in turn means that there is no real deterrent.

If I am the victim I have two options, either I pay for the repairs of the damage myself from my own pocket, or I claim off my insurance.

I lose in every way – hassle, criminal damage, having to deal with police, having to deal with the situation,having to make an insurance claim, having to pay the excess on my insurance and having to endure my insurance being incresaed  because I have now made a claim and probably lost my no claims bonus.

It is important because the police don't bother to try and catch these thugs thinking that the victim will be happy enough with a crime reference number and at least they'll get something off of their insurance and that will go a long way to appeasing them…………If there was no appeasement, there would be more pressure on the police to catch and cahrge these criminals.

It is important because their needs to be consequences for acts of thuggery.

It is important that the victims don't get victimised at every angle and the thug wins in the opposite direction.

It is important that insurance companies aren't having to pay out claims that are not accidental but the act of pure random vandalism. 

The only winners here are the criminals, who just think it's all in a days fun.

I am not on benefits and if I commit criminal damage then i am dexpected to pay the costs in full, probably the legal costs too and also endure a punishment on top of it………….again penalise the taxpayer and not the "POOR BLOKE ON BENEFITS" 

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