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End Secret Society Influence in Public Life

Comment 15th March 2013

It is one of the greatest ironies in this age of near universal surveillance and the holding of large files on the public, both of the paper and computer variety, that groups who are SECRET or more or less so are still holding an unknown but rumoured to be large amount of power in public life.

The most obvious example of course is THE MASONS, who it is widely believed hold many key positions in the police, government and civil service, as well as being basically a secret network whose membership tends to guarantee success in business – due to the awarding of contracts to fellow masons – when other equally or more deserving individuals or businesses fail for lack of work contracts given to them.

It appears to me unacceptable that in the modern era any such  "i'll scratch your back and you scatch mine" groups exist, like some kind of enormous but less violent "mafia clans", which obviously makes everybody else who are not members of these elite bodies into 2nd class citizens, who are not necessarily given the chance to succeed in life on their own merit therefore.

Obviously the difficulty in dealing iwth secret societies, is that by their nature, they are supposed not to publicly declare their membership, but perhaps we could start with a list of known Masons, and make the refusal to declare membership on job application forms and so on illegal, so that eventually this discrimination against everybody else would be seen as an unacceptable risk, and the membership would eventually get flushed out and reduced.

It's not only the Masons though, but for example, many MPs have allegedly ( a recent channel 4 documentary revealed this) joined a group called "Friends of Israel" and have received large political donations on this basis, which would seem to fall under the category of CONFLICT OF INTERESTS, so that our politicians may not feel free to deal wtih the awful Middle East problem which threatens all our lives in an impartial objective manner, but feel beholden to their possibly Zionistically inclined patrons.

The final example I would give – though there are no doubt plenty others I myself am probably not aware of –  is a group called "Common Purpose."

This is allegedly an educational charity, but it has been criticised for having uncomfortably close links with government, in that it was for example being given free use of government offices in the last New Labour administration, whereas to my knowledge no other charity was.

The other thing is though this organisation calls itself a "trainer for leadership" it is clearly Marxist/Feminist biased,  with its basic aim to promote "diversity in leadership" – i.e. more women and ethnic minorities in higher status positions.

But even more suspicious is that it does not make public the content of its training materials, and operates under what is known as the Chatham House Rule, that more or less guarantees secretcy of a kind for its members, in that they can have complete freedom of expression without being identified personally for anything they say, or their sources.

The basic point beng that the Common Purpose graduates are apparently wihtout hardly any public awareness of it, holding key positions – I came across a list somwhere, and it was quite shocking – in all kinds of public service and media organisations, so it is almost like Communist Russian agents, infiltrating a Western country,  like the Russian woman caught out recently in America, yet it's a pressure group in our own nation which appears to be secretly taking over so many roles – all people with this "Common Purpose" – who it appears to me are quite likely once in their positions of power to award jobs and promotions to fellow graduates or "approved individuals" based on this semi-secret group's aims, and not on true merit or equal opportunities.

So what we need is publicy available lists of members of these various groups – the Masons, Common Purpose, and any other major ones I'm not aware of, and the open declaration of membership of these groups when applying for jobs, so we can clealy see if those who are appointing people for jobs or promoting them, are promoting fellow members or graduates of these organisations, or their approved politically motivated choices – e.g. women or ethnic minorities, but not on merit – in preference to anybody else.

Otherwise, the wider public who feels the whole concept of secret socities influencing public life is deeply abhorrent, discminiatory, unjust and unacceptable will continue to be marginalised by all these "secret handshaking" deals without even know why they are not being given jobs, promoted, or given business contracts, when on merit they are quite confident they deserve them.


Why does this matter?

Everybody deserves and need a fair chance in life, and is entitled to achieve the best they can on the basis of merit and their willingness to work sufficiently hard to achieve their goals.

When it appears that some people are being awarded power, promotion and sucess on a plate, simply for being a member of these secret groups regardless of merit, this is a wholly unacceptable state of affairs in our modern society that so proudly claims it is based on equality.

For example, it may well be that certain people when stopped by the police for an offence that others could be convicted for, e.g. drink driving, may be able to give some secret sign which will be known to the members of this group, and thus may be above the law the rest of us are obliged to follow.

This kind of "special privilege" is totally unacceptable in our modern age, and the government must therefore have the courage to confront and unmask these secret socities, who stand behind the scenes like puppet masters, having a wholly unfair and disproportionate power over the rest of society, being virtually a secret government, outside and above government itself in many respects.

(anybody in any doubt about just how powerful the influence of these secret socities can be, should try watching the now rarely seen movie, "The Brotherhoood of the Bell", which shows how a man's life can be both totally made or totally ruined by his compliance with or refusal to comply with these secret socities. There are of course many books on the Masonic influence in society, and there are various articles about Common Purpose on the Internet, but for my money, Common Purpose needs a serious TV investigation by Channel 4 or whoever else has the guts to contront it).

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