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End state interference in marriage

Comment 3rd July 2010

End state interference in marriage

Why does this matter?

State interference in marriage is the single biggest restriction of our freedom in modern times. It should not be for the state to declare what constitutes a marriage. A pluralistic society has no need to impose an antiquated moralist viewpoint. It is for the individuals involved to negotiate their own marriage contracts, with or without the aid of a lawyer/minister/druid/priestess/etc.

Topics that should be entirely negotiable should include:

1) Length of marriage- fixed term, renewable or continuous with penalties for exiting

2) What each partner expects from the other in terms of faithfulness/behaviour including any DNA testing of children

3) Childcare arrangements on divorce/termination

4) Actions that will automatically terminate the marriage

5) Financial settlement on divorce/termination

6) Court of arbitration at divorce/termination


Restoring control to the individuals involved may actually lead to stronger, longer lasting marriages and improved home life for partners and any children. Please note that there is nothing here to prevent religious people from negotiating a religious style of marriage.

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