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End subsidies of the aviation industry

Comment 3rd July 2010

to repeal all subsidies to the aviation industry, and let them exist like any other business / transport network does. i.e. paying taxes

Why does this matter?

currently, the subsidies given to aviation fuel is estimated to be around £10 billion

Then there's the infrastructure, which is built in a 'duty free' environment …. and again taxes aren't paid. Further millions going away from the country. And for what?

Firstly, airports are really bad for local communities, due to their expansive size (would you like to be forced to relocate) and their noise.

Secondly, of all transport, a single passenger on an airline is by far the most polluting per mile. Airlines are a massive contribution to the release of CO2 into the atmosphere…. something we are trying to minimise, are we not?


Thirdly, since the invention of skype, I'm sure not as many business trips need to be made as they are.


And forthly, cheap flights mean thousands of british people get jetted off to swimming pool holiday parks in the south of spain, get roasted / drunk / read a book, and fly back again, with sore sunburnt legs on the plane seats and 1 hour of anti-terrorism security to welcome you back to grandisimo brittania. What about the incredible beaches in scotland / wales? What about a boat to the scilly isles? how about taking a train to belgium? there are many better ways to travel.

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