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End Technological Discrimination

Comment 18th July 2010

Restore the right of pensioners to collect their pensions in cash if they like, instead of having to deal with banks where they increasingly need to remember pin numbers, use cash machines, and generally make use of confusing technology.

Stop local and national government from making information only available online and not communicating to the portion of the population that does not or cannot access the internet (this website being a prime example – where's the postal address to submit ideas? Can I find that address anywhere other than your website?)

Ensure government websites are available in low-bandwidth versions that work for the significant section of the population who still use dial-up internet access.

Stop the switch-off of non-digital TV and radio.

Stop companies and utilities from charging customers more to use paper or telephone based services than the cost of online services.

Why does this matter?

Technological progress is great, and I believe we should do everything to encourage it. For some people, particularly the elderly and those on low incomes, however, the relentless changes in technology can become baffling. While the government should encourage everyone to make use of new technology, the tried-and-tested methods of access to public institutions, involving face-to-face interaction, must remain. Government and customer service industries cannot hide behind a technological smokescreen.

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