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End the requirement for religious broadcasting on the BBC

Comment 12th February 2015

I would like to end the legal requirement for a percentage of the the BBC's broadcasting time to be spent on religious affairs.  The majority of people do not attend church or other religious establishments and we should not be continuously subjected to news and debate on whether there should be women bishops in the church of England etc.  If the BBC feels that there is a big enough audience for religion they should dedicate a radio station or a TV channel to that subject.  Too much news broadcast time is taken up by church affairs and we should instead be hearing about international news which is much more important.

Why does this matter?

It is wrong to try to indoctrinate people into state religion and it is very old fashioned to assume that people are still interested and attending church.  It breaches the freedom of parents to bring up their children without religious views approved by the church.

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