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Ending Free Health Care abroad

Comment 4th July 2010

Why not cut the recipricol heath arrangements with foreign countries.


Firstly, this seems to be more costly to the UK simply because the UK has a more extensive Health system compared to other countries. (inc Europe)

People travelling abroad will be forced to take out their own insurance, They are the people who benefit. and they should pay for themselves.

It would end health tourists to this country

It would discourage immigration to this country, the costs would be bourne be the employer or the immigrant as part of entry.


More bureaucracy! how to ensure only valid people get treatment,

Why does this matter?

The NHS is so huge and has such a big budget that it has been taken for granted in its aims and purpose. Free health care for all ! does not need to mean free health care for foreign people, and also people who go abroad.

People who can afford to go abroad can afford to pay for insurance, and often have it already.

People who come to this country should not be subsidised by UK residents. (a&e an exception)

This idea starts to restrict (or futher define) the scope of the NHS – its is easy and clear for people to understand. UK NHS for UK residents ONLY.

Potentially this would save money for the NHS.

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