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enforce common law on the land and statuts and acts back to the sea

Comment 18th July 2010

my idea is simple, remove all the sea/shipping laws back to the water and let common law be used as it should be on the land and stop conning the people on the land into beliving they are boats or ships or that they have to comply with such statuts or acts that are not laws, people should also be educated that they do not have to surender the rights to there children by submitting a registartion form and getting a birth certificutes which in turn means there children can be treated as a boat or ship.

Why does this matter?

our freedom and rights are taken away from us should you comply with the thinking that you are a boat or ship, you want real freedom? educate yourself about what is legal and what is lawfull and the diffrerance between the 2 words are! 

Magna Carter 1215

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