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Ensure that the police recognise and deal with harassment, bullying and mobbing.

Comment 20th July 2010

Many people look to the police for protection in may situations but sometimes it is difficult to get them to recognise their duty of protection to the public.  When a person complains of harassment, or bullying or other abusive or violent acts against them to the police they are quite often people in very power less vulnerable positions in relation to the perpetrator(s) and are usually at the end of their tether.  The police have a tendency to ignore this or deal with it in a passive way that allows further acts against the victim – 

Last year the country was treated to a view  of one of the worst possible example of this when a distraught mother destroyed herself and her daughter in very distressing circumstances following the actions of her so called "neighbours".  Her pleas for help went ignored for many years.  Police should be trained to recognise such powerless people and ensure they are protected using the full force of the law.  

On the same topic public servants who fail to protect citizens should also be removed from office and or be publicly career limited.  

Why does this matter?

People need to know that they have a force on their side which can give them the power to stop malicious acts against them, most people can cope with this and are not vulnerable but people can easily become vulnerable when faced with powerful gangs or other such threats perpetrated by predatory people.

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