Ensure the courts are fit for purpose

Dear Deputy Prime Minister

As an innocent victim of organised crime…

…as a result of being subjected (concurrently / in succession) to 43 months of extremely cruel, vicious, perverse, sadistic treatment by a tribunal (London Leasehold Valuation Tribunal) and three courts (West London County Court, Wandsworth County Court and the Supreme Court Costs Office) who sided with the crooked landlord and his aides (detail on my website http://www.leasehold-outrage.com)…

…I would like to suggest to you that, before addressing the tools, there is a VERY URGENT need to look at some of the users of the tools within the Court Service – front end and back end. (To have a right and no means of implementing that right is to have no right at all).  I cannot imagine that Her Majesty The Queen is proud to have her name associated with what is going on in some of the courts.

Thank you for your initiative.

Best wishes of success.

Best regards

Noelle Rawe

Why does this idea matter?

There are thousands of people suffering untold misery because of the way they are being treated by the courts: judges and court staff (e.g. see website 'Stop the Oppression of the British People' http://www.gopetition.com/online/34869.html . Website of the petition http://edm1297.info/ )

And, based on my first-hand experience, HM Customer Service takes no action following complaints and sides with those complained of.

There is, of course, another related issue (also based on my first-hand experience):  the fact that the Law Society and the Bar Council turn a blind eye to the malpratice by solicitors and barristers – and do this with the blessings of the Legal Services Ombudsman (detail on my website http://www.leasehold-outrage.com/pg_lso/index.htm)

= as a 'little people': there is ABSOLUTELY NOWHERE to turn to for help.

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