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Environmental Health (Vermin)

Comment 16th August 2010

Councils appear to have Environmental Health Departments that either subsidise or manage pest control on our behalf. The result is an industry within a council that either tenders for work or provides its own staff to do the work.

In the case of the tender it involves staff from Enviromental Health, Finance, and Legal and possibly councillors to go through the lengthy tender process. The result is that the council offers a subsidised service to its council tax payers for this sort of help in their own homes. I believe this is simply because 'we have always done it this way'. It would be far cheaper for the council tax payers if this process was simply done away with and the private sector left to do the work (that they do anyway for most councils but subsidised with our money).

Why does this matter?

Saves cost for Council Tax payers through the reduction of bureaucracy in councils and the subsidising of private companies to provide pest control.

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