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Equal rights for Newton St Loe

Comment 2nd July 2010

In Britain today, anyone who owns their house or flat on a long lease has the right to buy the freehold. Unless they live in Newton St Loe, a tiny village in Somerset. Why are these people discriminated against? Simply because their freeholder is the Duchy of Cornwall. It may seem too trivial to change a law that only affects a few people, but isn't it about time we showed that everyone is entitled to the same rights? Britain is not a feudal society. The Prince of Wales has no need of this special law to do his job. Equal rights for Newton St Loe!

Why does this matter?

This website is a brilliant idea, because noone otherwise would ever be bothered to take on the Duchy of Cornwall and change the law, because so few people are affected. It would however send out a number of very important signals. Firstly that we live in a country where every single person matters, no matter the colour of their skin, religeon or where they live. Even white people living in Somerset and worshipping at their village church must be protected. Secondly it would send out the message that we are a modern, forward-looking country. We value and protect our heritage, but we should not retain unfair and outdated law any more than we should preserve antiquated and insanitary plumbing. Finally, it would say something important about our relationship with the Monarchy.  In our village there is a good deal of affection for and loyalty to the Prince of Wales. However noone can argue that he needs this particular privilege in order to fulfil his role.

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