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Equality Act 2010

Comment 7th August 2010

I would like a rethink on the Equality Act.  Whilst equality itself should be sought after, the act is in itself discriminatory.  For example, in relation to what information businesses should submit, there are different rules for private and public sector employers.  If the aim of the legislation is to prevent discrimination, all employers should be treated the same.  Secondly, the legislation is so diverse that with the exception of male, middle-class, hetrosexual, young persons the act protects everyone.  I suspect that this may lead to a rise in BNP members amogst this group, especially during a recession.  The only good thing in the legislation is that it consolidates over 200 peices of domestic and european legislation into one document.  Further, I would like an addition made to any peice of amended legislation.  I think that the minimum wage should be the same for every person.  You should not be paid less, simply because of your age.  Whilst I understand that older members of society will have greater financial commitments, I think the fact that someone aged 16 is paid substantially less to do the same job as someone 10 years old is preposterous.  It sends out the wrong message to young people, simply telling them they are not worth as much. 

Why does this matter?

I fear a rise in parties such as the BNP from a combination of badly made equality laws and ignorance.  Furthermore, I am concerned that young people will feel undervalued and as a consequence not seek employment as a consequence of discriminatory minimum wage legislation.

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