Equality. Race.

Is true equality possible in this country? Before I moved into my present address I stood at the front entrance talking to two strangers from my housing  organisation. 'There is only one reason we will evict you without any warning for,' these landlords who had never met me before told me, ' This is the crime of racism!' I later learned the person in the flat beneath mine was an African. I was however surprised at their admonishment for my father way back in the early 1960's invited a man and his daughter from the West Indies to stay and he received some hostility for this in the street where we lived which was a very quiet, rural area. I have never thought of myself as being racist and have friends from different parts of the world. My new landlords, so intent on everybody being politically correct  proved to me one point over the years which is that those who force this particular philosophy onto other people prove persistently cruel with regard to the way they treat other people. This peculiar mentality is more akin to fascism than anything else. Social housing must be a form of social engineering in truth. Please make it possible for there to be true equality for people of all colours,yellow, white, brown, black, whatever. Do not allow the race relations Act to be manipulated and abused to oppress and crush people by tyrannical authorities in any department of the State and especially not in social housing!

Why does this idea matter?

There must be true equality, not one race lording it over another and having greater rights and liberty. Everybody has the right to different opinions, to likes and dislikes. No authoritative power has any right though to oppress, threaten, bully anyone who holds to his or her own opinion and also his or her right to a sovereign individuality. No one and no official of any sort  has any right to dominate anybody else and tell them what to think and not to think, what to believe and not to believe. These landlords are  not about social housing, really. They are the new social engineers. They wants us all to be faceless look alikes, clones, in fact. All doing the right, politically correct, appropriate thing. Who the hell has a right to mould anybody, adult or child into what they want them to be? It is pure tyranny!

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