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Erosion of the majorty’s civil rights by the PC Brigade

Comment 8th July 2010

Often we hear about the so called PC brigade asking for things to be changed because they MAY cause offence to some sections of our society, examples that come to mind are the removal of all images of Jesus from Christmas cards/items, and a publican asked to display another flag along with the flag (St Georges) he was flying as this may cause offence to anyone seeing just the English flag.We are in England for heavens sake, if people are offended by the above then they not the PC Brigade should object, then way we would have some idea of the number of people who are actually offended, not some view of some annonymous person. I am one of the people of is offended by the PC Brigade making changes to my way of life, without anyone asking me if I am offended by whatever they are thinking of changing.Who takes MY views into consideration?

There should be a proper government office/forum where we can go and say that something is offending us and for that office/forum look into the effect on the whole of our society that a request, if granted, would have on the society as a whole not just change something if one person in say 10,000 is offended as this means that 9,999 are not offended, so why change?

Why does this matter?

I get very offended when I read then some annonymous person has taken upon themselves to decide that something of our way of life should be changed, no consultation just change!!!!!

It think its important that we, as a whole, should have a say in how our society is developing from what it has been for hundreds of years, not some annonymous person deciding that because he/she thinks it should develope by changing something then it should be changed.

We as a country are very tolerant and rightly give safe haven to people from countries that are persecuting them BUT we shouldn't change our society because of this, anyone who comes here should adapt if they want to stay here or if they feel that they cannot adapt then they should go to a country that is close to their way of life.

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