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EU expansion

Comment 19th July 2010

To not allow Turkey joining the EU.

Why does this matter?

About 90% of the population are practising Muslims. If we allow Turkey to join the EU, then we are going to face disasters. By this, I mean Muslims will want more and more Mosques built to cater for the influx, more Muslim schools to be built, open up halal butchers, we'll see more women going around wearing burkas, they will demand that Sharia law is part of British law, there will be protests on our streets if their religion is criticised in any way (as we have witnessed in a lot of the Muslim countries),  women will have children born here, and it's never just the one, more like seven or eight. – the list is endless.  I'm very concerned that in about 30-40 years from now, this country could become totally Islamised, and it's the British children, and their children who are going to suffer. Please THINK very hard before even contemplating Turkey to join the EU. Please think of the consequences. I am in no way being racist about this, but I do not want to see Britain going backwards, and living in the Dark Ages.   

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