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EU Membership

Comment 16th August 2010

Endless new initiatives and unnecessary laws come from the EU bureaucracy which have only one objective: the extension of EU authority over ever increasing areas of citizen's live without any democratic oversight, at ever increasing cost to the individual.

You have committed yourself to holding referenda before any new powers are transferred to Brussels, and that is a good start, but I would like to see a referendum on whether continued membership is even desired by the British public.

The last time we were consulted on this matter was in the early 1970s concerning continued membership of the EEC.   Membership of an international free-trade organisation, is of course good, but it is light-years from surrendering our nationhood to an unaccountable foreign power.

Why does this matter?

We fought the Napoleonic wars and 2 World Wars to preserve our independence from foreign domination, don't fail us now through being too cowardly to stand up for our rights.

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