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European arrest warrant to be abolished

Comment 23rd July 2010

Abolish the European Arrest Warrant, so that British citizens will not be sent abroad, until the evidence for and against any alleged offence has been properly examined and tested by a British court.

Why does this matter?

As things stand, a British citizen can be arrested and carried off to a foreign country, onthe arrival of a piece of paper from that country. There is no appeal to a British court; there is no opportunity to review the evidence or offer evidence for the defence; Habeas Corpus cannot be invoked; the citizen may even have committed an act which is legal in Britain. On arrival, there may be a long wait in a primitive prison; they may then be tried in an unknown longuage, with a bad interpreter and poor legal representation; or they may have been tried and found guilty 'in absentia' , and go straight to prison.

       It is a nightmare scenario, and one which no British politician should ever have agreed to.

        It must be abolished as soon as possible. 

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