Everyone deserves a second chance British or non British

Im a true believer that everyone deserves a second chance whether you are a British citizen or not as my partner is a Jamaican citizen he served in the British army but had to leave due to injury, we have a child together and are married but due to emotional stress after our chilld was born as he was ill and i developed posnatal depression he tried his best to help me and dealt with it in the wrong way and got caught up in the wrong crowd and is now serving time which now means he faces deportation which is truly unfair, he is paying for what he has done by serving time and he knows he has done wrong and regrets the bad choices he has made. Yes he should of thought about it before he done it but everyone makes mistakes and like i said he is paying for it in a big way cause we could end up a broken family. If he is just given that second chance to prove himself not just to himself or his family but to the law and if he steps out of line again which i know he wont but if he does then he should automatically get deported as he has lost respect for the law and his family. Thank you for taking your time in reading this as it means alot to me.

Why does this idea matter?

Because everyone makes mistakes being it big or small and are sometimes punished for it and if you are a non British Citerzen and serve time for longer than 12 months you automatically face deportation which i feel should be based on each individual.  Everyone deserves a second chance and once they abuse that second chance then yes they should automatically be deported as all trust would be gone but lots of families are being broken up because of this and children are growing up in single parent homes but if everyone is given a second chance then a two parent household would be better for the child/children and their patrners but like i said once your second chance is gone then its goodbye. xx

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